About Us


First Marina Trust Limited is a Central Bank of Nigeria licensed Finance Company. The company, privately owned by Nigerians, commenced operations in 1989.

Our Vision


To be a world class provider of personalized financial services to discerning individuals and emerging businesses while creating value for all stakeholders.

Our Mission


To be the leading Finance Company in Nigeria, continuously extending the frontiers of personalized financial services delivery.

Our Asset Base


First Marina Trust Limited commenced operations in 1989. Our asset growth is driven by huge increases in investments in our Commercial Papers, which is due to the continuous confidence we have enjoyed from our numerous customers coupled with our pro-active Management style. Presently, our asset base is in excess of N12 billion.



Our Core Values



Not compromising professionalism

Steadfastness in upholding the ethics of the profession.


Commitment to the highest standards.



Exhibiting passion in our constant quest for perfection, our competitiveness in the marketplace, the speed and responsiveness of our services.

Customer Integrity

Creating bonds with all our customers by seeking to exceed their expectations at all times.

Open, Employee-Friendly Environment

Deliberately promoting a cordial work atmosphere where there are no master-servant relationships; encourages open communication; eschews politics, tribalism and religious bias.


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